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The Kitchen

Studio 58 presents...

“I can’t dream in a kitchen.” The Kitchen is a classical piece of theatrical innovation born out of the socialist movement of post-WWII. Taking place in the kitchen of a high-end restaurant, the chefs and servers navigate a whole, rigorous day of preparing food for their demanding patrons. A fast-paced and choreographed tour-deforce, this show looks at breaking personal barriers and challenging the status quo.

Directed by: Amiel Gladstone
Choreographer: Amanda Testini
Stage Manager: Rachel E. Ross
Set and Lighting Designer: Sophie Tang
Costume Designer: Melissa McCowell
Assistant Costume Designers: Sarah Sosick

Amy McDougall
Props Designer: Marcus Vaillant
Sound Designer: Riley Hardwick

Ally – Brynna Drummond (she/her)
Anne – Cassidy Hergott (she/her)
Bertha – Marielle Ortinez (she/her)
Betty – Danica Kobayashi (she/her)
Chef – Daniel Tompkins (he/him)
Cynthia – Marianna Zouzoulas (she/her)
Daphne – Hailey Conner (she/her)
Dimitri – Samuel Walmsley-Byrne (he/him)
Frank – Ben Brown (he/him)
Gaston – Brandon Pringle (he/him)
Gwen – Emma Abbott (she/her)
Hans – Terrence Zhou (he/him)
Harriet – Kate Berg (she/they)
Hettie – Serena Hatch (she/her)
Jackie – Jillian Burke (they/she)
Keeva – Janavi Chawla (she/they)
Magi – Caylen Braun (he/him)
Mangolis – L Danger (she/her)
Marango – Damion LeClair (they/them)
Max – Kahlila Ball (she/her)
May – Trinity Richardson (she/her)/

Zoë Autumn (she/her) 
Michaela – Samantha Kerr (she/her)
Molly – Jenna Leigh Morgan (she/her)
Monique – Trinity Richardson (she/her)/

Zoë Autumn (she/her)
Nicky – Yana Vitkovic (she/her)
Peter – Brian Martinez (he/him)
Polly – Kat Stevens (she/her)/

Emma Soothill (she/her)
Poor Person – Ethan DeHoog (he/him)
Porters/Bussers – Sebastian Ley (he/him),

Ethan DeHoog (he/him)
Ray – Hikari Terasawa (she/her)
Sophie – Kat Stevens (she/her)/

Emma Soothill (she/her)
Violet – Olivia Manojlovic (she/her)
Winnie – Alyson Vance (she/her)

photos by Emily Cooper

"The effectively—one of the most memorable moments of the show being the height of the lunch rush, where choreographer Amanda Testini has staged what appears to be an endless army of servers stomping through a chaos-erupted kitchen. There’s a grand-scale-nightmare effect to this scene that’s transfixing."
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