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La bohème

The Glimmerglass Festival presents...

Christmas Eve, Paris, an attic garret...that first touch of cold hands in the dark as the music swells. Against the backdrop of 19th century Paris, the hopes and dreams of a group of young bohemians collide with the realities of poverty and disease. Whether it is your first or your hundredth experience, La bohème never fails to cast its spell. Packed with some of opera’s most cherished moments, this tale of tragic young love became the basis for the popular musicals Moulin Rouge and Rent. With a ravishing score that brought Puccini international fame, this is the perfect opera for first-timers and aficionados alike.

E. Loren Meeker, Director 

Rebecca Herman, Associate Director

Amanda Testini, Assistant Director 

Kevin Depinet, Set Designer 

Erik Teague, Costume Designer 

Robert Wierzel, Lighting Designer 

Tom Watson, Hair & Makeup Designer 

Eric Sean Fogel, Choreographer 

Truman Tinius, Dance Captain

Dustin West, Production Stage Manager

Úna Rafferty, Asst. Stage Manager

Tess Naval, Asst. Stage Manager

Lorna Stephens, Apprentice Stage Manager

Nader Abbassi, Conductor 

Robert Kahn, Assistant Conductor 

J. Bradley Baker, Principal Coach

Yueqi Zhang, Assistant Coach

Kathy Kozak, Chorus Director

Anna Betka, Youth Chorus Director

Joshua Blue, Rodolfo 

Teresa Perrotta, Mimi 

Darren Drone, Marcello 

Emilie Kealani, Musetta

Nan Wang, Colline

Justin Burgess, Schaunard

Stefano de Peppo, Benoit/Alcindoro

Zachary Rioux, Parpignol; Rodolfo (Cover) 

Grant Jackson, Custom-House Officer

Alex Smith, Sergeant

Arianne Ajakh, Child (Act II Solo)/Youth Ensemble

Cordelia Dziuban, Child (Act II Solo)/ Youth Ensemble

Henry Benson, Prune Man/Chorus; Parpignol (Cover)

Truman Tinius, Dancer/Ensemble

Jorrell Lawyer-Jefferson, Dancer/Ensemble

Hayley Maloney, Soprano Ensemble

Kara Grady, Soprano Ensemble

Holly McCormack, Soprano Ensemble

Ethel Trujillo, Soprano Ensemble

Taylor-Alexis DuPont, Mezzo Ensemble 

Jocelyn Rauch, Mezzo Ensemble

Ying Wu, Mezzo Ensemble

Bridget Cappel, Mezzo Ensemble

Maria De Conzo, Mezzo Ensemble

Kailee Brandt, Dancer/Ensemble

Emma Sucato, Dancer/Ensemble

Nataniel Catasca, Tenor Ensemble

Hayden Smith, Tenor Ensemble 

Jonathan Pierce Rhodes, Tenor Ensemble 

Will Upham, Tenor Ensemble

Nicholas Kelliher, Countertenor Ensemble

Elijah Gebers, Baritone Ensemble

Carly R. Carillo, Youth Ensemble

Gus Fredrickson, Youth Ensemble

Johnny Ford, Youth Ensemble

Toby Fredrickson, Youth Ensemble

Jierui Lin, Youth Ensemble

Annika Murray, Youth Ensemble

Danniella Rivera-Litz, Youth Ensemble

Nora Craig, Youth Ensemble

Yuan Lin, Youth Ensemble

Eleanor Walker, Youth Ensemble

Catherine Thornsley, Mimi (Cover); Soprano Ensemble

Jonathan Patton, Marcello (Cover) 

Alicia Russell Tagert, Musetta (Cover) Soprano Ensemble 

John Mburu, Colline (Cover); Bass Ensemble

Grant Jackson, Schaunard (Cover)

Sergio Martinez, Beniot/Alcindoro (Cover); Bass Ensemble 

Photos: Evan Zimmerman/The Glimmerglass Festival

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