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HMS Pinafore

Vancouver Opera Presents...

Gilbert and Sullivan’s comedic tale is a delightful combination of forbidden love across class divides and the shenanigans that take place along the way. Poking fun at social hierarchies and packed with absurd characters, this wildly popular operetta delivers plenty of laughs and memorable music. This joyful production is directed by Brenna Corner and conducted by Rosemary Thomson and features the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and Chorus.

Caitlin Wood Josephine

Ernesto Ramirez Ralph Rackstraw

Jorell Williams Captain Corcoran

Peter McGillivray Sir Joseph Porter

Megan Latham Little Buttercup

Marcus Nance Dick Deadeye

Hillary Tufford Cousin Hebe

Luka Kawabata Bill Bobstay

Jason Cook Bob Becket

Rosemary Thomson Conductor

Leslie Dala Associate Conductor &

Chorus Director

Juliane Gallant Women in Musical Leadership Conductor

Brenna Corner Stage Director

Amanda Testini Assistant Stage Director

and Choreographer

JD Derbyshire Libretto Adaptation

Alaia Hamer Costume Designer

Jimmy Rotondo Scenic Consultant

Chris Malkowski Lighting Designer


photos by Tim Matheson

“On opening night, due to an unspecified COVID incident, the chorus was forced to wear masks, but that did surprisingly little to dampen the sharply enunciated patter singing and sea shanties, performed with Amanda Testini’s buzzy choreography."

- Janet Smith, The Stir

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